K2O+ is a for-profit venture between Osaki Creative Group and HouseMart (Ben Franklin Crafts). Fifteen years ago, Kurt Osaki of Osaki Creative Group had an idea of providing logo branding for high schools in Hawaii as a way of giving back to the schools.  Kurt believes having a strong school brand will instantly have a positive effect as its students and faculty begin to feel a connection that comes with being united towards a common purpose. In 2013, Kurt discussed his ideas with Wayne Kamitaki of HouseMart and a new relationship and common mission was formed.

It is K2O+'s desire to create innovative solutions for the next generation through branding and product development.  School brands can be used on clothing and products to bolster school spirit.  Seeing the school logo throughout school campus, walls, and banners visually remind students and visitors that they are bonded by tradition and united towards building a brighter future.

Osaki Creative Group has over 21 years of experience in sports and corporate branding.  They are most known in Hawaii for the re-design of the University of Hawaii logo from the rainbow logo to the current “H”.  They have also worked on logo designs for the NFL, NHL and numerous colleges and universities (see client list).

HouseMart is a third generation family-owned business that has been serving customers in Hawaii since 1951.  They operate craft and hardware retail stores in Hawaii and on the west coast, and take pride in providing the products and services our local communities need.  While their business has grown in its 60 year history, its values are still rooted in the modest dry goods store in Kahului, Maui that started it all.