• Would you like your own online store?
  • Needing unique merchandise?
  • Don’t know how to market your school merchandise?

Let K2O+ help you!

School fundraising is the heart of most school functions. It is the most difficult challenge schools face each and every year. Your marching band just got invited to Tokyo?  Well, you’ll need to fundraise for the trip. Offering the same school fundraiser over and over can be boring and creates less interest. On the other hand, coming up with new and unique fundraising ideas is always difficult and challenging to do, especially as the committees are usually made up of parent volunteers.

Alternate Opportunity

How would you like to just sit back and automatically receive some cash funds each month without lifting a finger? K2O+ has focused on providing your school branded merchandise directly on our site through our store. Every time someone buys one of your school-branded merchandise through our online store, K2O+ will donate a percentage of the sales back to the school. The more is sold, the more you will receive.  Inquire about specialized merchandise especially for unique fundraising campaigns.