• Creates passion and excitement
  • Creates higher appreciation for one’s self and community
  • Creates unity between fellow students, faculty and staff

School Spirit Engages Students

It’s been proven that students can improve their high school experience and create endless memories that can carry with them long after graduation.  This can be done through school spirit!!  This simple yet effective concept is often overlooked, but can become the difference between just attending school and truly being engaged at school.

There are several ways you can show your school spirit:

  • wear school colors at school and in the community
  • attend school sporting events
  • participate in various school activities

School Spirit Increases Student Motivation

Students are easily influenced – whether for the good or bad.  Positive school spirit can create a positive learning environment for both students and teachers.  Having a positive learning environment is what makes coming to school fun and exciting.

School Spirit Means Making Lasting Memories

Do you often reminisce with classmates things that happened during your school days? It could be related to a favorite teacher or a high school game you attended.  In your senior year of high school,  it is ALL about the friendships and bonds that developed over the years. It was being proud on graduation day that you made it and will enter into a new chapter in your life, and on your new journey you will remember fondly your school years that you will cherish for the rest of your life.