• Are other companies profiting from your school brand?
  • Are you able to reach people outside your community?
  • How are your alumni buying school branded merchandise?

Could Others Be Profiting From Your Brand?

It is very difficult to stop other organizations from making money off your school brand.  Most of the times these groups use generic text designs that weaken your brand image as well as divert revenues that should go to your school.

Unofficial Online Stores

By doing a quick search on any main search engine will probably reveal someone selling apparel and various products with your school brand.  These unofficial online stores make money from your brand everyday—without giving back to your school or organization.

Missed Alumni Support

Oftentimes parents, alumni and friends are looking for school gear to support their child’s school but can’t buy merchandise.  Their own students can’t buy it for them at school, because they do not have the sizes or their school doesn’t have a proper store.  They are told they need to go find another store that is making school shirts.  It is kind of ironic because those businesses are not donating back to the school.  It is often frustrating and disappointing, especially when there is a big rival game coming up in a week and parents and alumni want to show their support.

K2O+ Online Store

K2O+ is paving the way by providing official school branded merchandise on its site and, in turn, giving back to the school.  By becoming one of our school partners, we will ensure your brand is safe and branded correctly.  Every sale generated from our site, will yield a percentage back to the school.  It is an exciting solution that works completely hands free.