K2O+ Online Store

Our way of giving back to the schools  

  • Providing unique school branded merchandise
  • No inventory and staff needed for your school
  • Generates funds without any assistance

K2O+ Merchandise

K2O+ understands staffing, space, and inventory could be a problem for most schools. Partnering with Hawaii local vendors and House Mart (Ben Franklin), K2O+ has put together a select line of items for your school. Our team will continue to work with unique vendors to provide the latest and freshest merchandise to represent your school.

K2O+ Will Give Back To The School

All of us at K2O+ have experience of running fundraisers to help generate needed funds for schools. It is not only stressful, it is time consuming and a lot of work, and the money raised, oftentimes may not even equal the time and energy spent. K2O+ realized a long time ago, your school brand is money. We know it is difficult for schools to properly control their own student store or online shop. To assist with this, K2O+ has put together a one-stop store for all our school partners. From our website, people can select their school and purchase merchandise. Let’s say you have a dad who went to one school and a mom who went to another school. Each of them can select merchandise for two different schools and have it shipped at once. It is easy and convenient, and each of those two schools will earn a percentage of the sales. How great is that?

Fundraising Opportunities

K2O+ has the ability to work with vendors to offer the best possible pricing. The higher the volume of sales the more percentage of return we can offer your school group. Contact us to today to discuss how our branded merchandise can work and generate needed funds for you.