K2O+ Provides Professional Branding

Creating a Clear Brand

  • Brings control and continuity
  • Creates a new beginning

Brand Professionals

Working with professional sports teams and college universities through the years, we realized our public schools truly lacked proper branding.  School logos were being used in different designs and colors, and fonts were all different. There seemed to be no control.  

It is true most schools currently have a logo and mascot that are suitable for an effective brand.  In some cases, a school may have a brand that is outdated or lacks consistency.  Therefore, many schools are turning to a professional to create a brand to build a strong foundation on.   It is the goal of K2O+ to provide our schools across Hawaii and the U.S. with a brand the will resonate well in the communities, bring pride among the students and bring value to the brand.  A strong brand leads to strong merchandising that can then lead to a new revenue that never existed before.

Branding is the ongoing process of creating and enhancing the brand.  It is more than just a new logo. The brand is the emotional connection that encourages someone to cling to the organization, product, or person.  By entrusting K2O+ with developing your school identity, you will be creating a solid foundation that will last a lifetime.