K2O+ Branding

  • Fundraiser Alternative
  • Reduce School Store Cost
  • Rejuvenate School Spirit and Pride

Fundraiser Alternative

Huge revenue from the online shop will not happen overnight. It will be a constant work in progress as we build the right product and the right price. However, as more people become to trust the online shop to deliver high quality goods, the online shop will continue to flourish. K2O+ design team will continue to come up with fresh new designs and offer unique product s that will keep customers coming back for more.

Reduce School Store Cost

School stores can be expensive and manual intensive. There are inventory cost, time expenses, and most likely some theft expenses. Faculty and teachers are busy running the school and educating the students. Keeping up with a student store can be hard on many. You may end up having things that remain in storage for years. By partnering with K2O+, you will allow us to manage your store without having you lift a finger. We will just send you a check for merchandise sold.

School Pride and School Spirit

K2O+ began this journey with these two key elements in mind—school spirit and school pride. The founders saw a need to find a way to rejuvenate school spirit and school pride. It is their hope that this small contribution will inspire students, schools, and communities to raise their belief of what is possible and motivate them to make contributions not only within their school walls but throughout the communities in which they live.